Mid-term and other Conferences of the SIE

The First European Colloquium of Iranology. Rome, June 18th-20th, 1983. G. Gnoli (ed.). Roma, 1985

Recurrent Patterns in Iranian Religions. From Mazdaism to Sufism. Proceedings of the Round Table held in Bamberg (30th September – 4th October 1991). Studia Iranica, Cahier 11. Paris.1992

Religious Texts in Iranian Languages. Symposium held in Copenhagen May 2002, F. Vahman & C. V. Pedersen (eds), Det Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab, Copenhagen. 2007

Iranian identity in the course of history. Proceedings of the Conference held in Rome, 21-24 September 2005, C. Cereti (ed.), Roma: IsIAO. 2010

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