Welcome by the President

Welcome to the website of the Societas Iranologica Europaea (S.I.E.), an international academic society in the field of Iranian Studies with members from European and non-European countries. The S.I.E. was founded in 1983 in Rome with the support of the European Science Foundation and the Istituto Italiano per il Medio ed Estremo Oriente (later Istituto Italiano per l’Africa e l’Oriente) on the occasion of the First European Colloquium of Iranology. The aim of the S.I.E. is to promote, develop and support Ancient, Middle and Modern Iranian Studies in all subject areas of the field, including philology, linguistics, literature, history, religions, art, archaeology, philosophy, ethnology, geography, human sciences, jurisprudence.

This website provides information on the life and history of our Association (board and staff members, statutes, membership), its regular activities (conferences and other scientific meetings), vacant positions in Iranian Studies and publications of the S.I.E.

Members of the S.I.E. and also other colleagues working in the Iranian Studies may send information to be published on the website of the S.I.E. to the Secretary.

Professor Alberto Cantera
President of the S.I.E.